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13 Mar 2017

Team Profile – Ben Hoban

Ben Hoban is the other Creative Director of Red Genie Games. He is not sure what he is directing but the whole endeavor is feeling pretty creative. Ben lives in Spain with his family and pretends to have a real job, while secretly putting the finishing touches on a mid life crisis. But let's hear [...]
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01 Feb 2017

Team Profile – Ivan Nevill

Ivan Nevill  is the executive director of wit at Red Genie games, if you end up smiling as a result of an encounter with one of our titles, chances are Ivan is behind it. Ivan can be found writing senarios for RPGs, hosting trivia, demoing food based war games and basically wherever games and puns [...]
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11 Jan 2017

Team Profile: Alex Wynnter

Alex Wynnter is the Creative Director of Red Genie Games and a very busy dude. Along with recent fatherhood he juggles podcasting, designing and developing games, teaching design, managing the TGDA Facebook group and generally being a man about town in the Australian board gaming community. But let's hear it in his words: Where and when did your [...]
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01 Nov 2016

Play The Brigade at PAX AUS

  We have a brand new Print and Play fresh off the large format printer at Officeworks and lovingly hand carved by the Co-Designer himself Alex Wynnter. Alex will be more than happy to sit down with you and show you the game, get some feedback (and give you a showbag if you get there early [...]
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26 Oct 2016

Print and Play The Brigade for Free !

Can't wait for the Kickstarter ? We don't wan't you to! we have prepared a print and play version of the game for your crafting pleasure. We would love to send you an email asking about how you liked the game and for suggestions on how it might be improved. Enter your email below and [...]
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26 Feb 2016

Sign up for the Tinderbox Times

As you play through the maelstrom that is The Brigade chances are you will be too busy putting out fires and winning the hearts of the people to wonder: How did it get to this? and Why are there 4 fire Brigades? and What happened to the previous Fire Chief ? and What is the special dessert at [...]
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