The Tinderbox Times

02 Aug 2017

The Tinderbox Times Issue 5 – Is this the end?

The may be the final issue of the Tinderbox Times but it's just the beginning for The Brigade

In the final edition of the Tinderbox Times the tension mounts and the town fractures, there is something in the air. And its not happy.

That’s right, all the news that’s fit to print has been printed (along with some of questionable fitness) and now it’s up to you to write the next chapter in the story of Tinderbox.

You will need a copy of The Brigade to do so though, now live on Kickstarter for only $49USD get yours and secure your chance to be part of Tinderbox’s ongoing story.

Special thanks to Ivan for the amazing backstory of The Brigade shared in the pages Tinderbox’s finest (and only) journalistic institution – The Tinderbox Times