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16 Sep 2017

Well that was amazing!

So much awesome for The Brigade That was unpredictably amazing, we are still a little shell shocked. Huge thanks to everyone who participated and made our first Kickstarter such a monumental success! We had some amazing support from our backers  who came up ideas for locations, stretch goals, rules and characters to expand the world of [...]
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02 Aug 2017

The Tinderbox Times Issue 5 – Is this the end?

The may be the final issue of the Tinderbox Times but it's just the beginning for The Brigade In the final edition of the Tinderbox Times the tension mounts and the town fractures, there is something in the air. And its not happy. That's right, all the news that's fit to print has been printed [...]
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19 Jul 2017

Tinderbox Times Issue 4 – The Heat is On!

Tinderbox Times Issue 4 - The Heat is On! The temperature is rising in Tinderbox as our editor attempts to squeeze more heat related puns into a single newspaper article than is legally advisable. In the penultimate issue of the Tinderbox Times things are coming to a boiling point... sorry I think we have used that [...]
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19 Jul 2017

The Brigade launches on Kickstarter August 2

The Countdown Begins It all started in our FLGS in Melbourne. Ideas met across a table strewn in the craft detritus of indy board game prototyping, and we knew... that we were destined to raise a game together. To be honest I'm super hazy on the details, but I'm pretty sure that's how it should have [...]
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19 Jun 2017

Tinderbox Times Issue 3

The Tinderbox Times Issue 3 has hit the streets That's right the Office of the Tinderbox Press has announced that the industrial dispute that rendered the town newsless has been settled and it's business as usual at the Tinderbox Times.  In this issue we answer the question "when is a Dragon not a Dragon?" and What's [...]
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11 May 2017

Team Profile: Nunoh – Lagoon Art Studio

Antonio "Nunoh" Jose Diaz Fernandez is the artist and creative talent behind The Brigade's look and feel. Nunoh lives in Spain as well as co-creator Ben Hoban, however he and Ben have yet to meet in person. But as it turns out his home city of Madrid has no beach, so chances are they will run into [...]
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10 Apr 2017
Tinderbox Times Issue 2

All the Latest from Tinderbox in the Deluxe Weekend Late Edition

In issue 2 of the Tinderbox Times things are heating up! which is to say the news is really firing along... burning questions are answered... ? It's just hot alright?!  things are on fire, you get the picture. We continue the saga of Mayor Munmfs troubled first few weeks in office and notice a disturbing [...]
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23 Mar 2017

Tinderbox Times Issue 1 Fresh off the Press!

And there's a new Mayor in Town! Have you ever paused in the middle of a game of The Brigade and wondered how you ended up in the middle of a magical firestorm? Or why you are competing against other Fire Crews for the adulation of the citizens of Tinderbox. Well you need to know [...]
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