The Tinderbox Times

16 Sep 2017

Well that was amazing!

So much awesome for The Brigade

That was unpredictably amazing, we are still a little shell shocked.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated and made our first Kickstarter such a monumental success!

We had some amazing support from our backers  who came up ideas for locations, stretch goals, rules and characters to expand the world of Tinderbox.

We loved answering comments and questions, and that so many backers got involved in the creative process.

Working on a game for two years and seeing this response is so inspiring. We have ideas for other games and now they have a huge chance of becoming a reality thanks to everyone who supported the game. Dream come true.

For those of you who entered the “how much will we make competition” thanks for your involvement. We are pleased to announce we have 2 winners who guessed $145K as the final total, Slamanna and Jennifer who win all the Add-ons we have planned for the Pledge Manager as a bonus.

The Brigade Pledge Manager

The Pledge Manager is online now and taking pre-orders. We are using the Crowd Ox platform to fulfill the backer surveys and it’s been great. Click here to get your copy of The Brigade via the Pledge Manager.

Only single copies of the game will be available via the Pledge Manager, if you had plans for larger orders please message us directly and we will organise bulk orders as required.