The Tinderbox Times

19 Jul 2017

The Brigade launches on Kickstarter August 2

The Countdown Begins

It all started in our FLGS in Melbourne.

Ideas met across a table strewn in the craft detritus of indy board game prototyping, and we knew… that we were destined to raise a game together.

To be honest I’m super hazy on the details, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it should have happened.

And now, a mere 2 years later, we are releasing our baby into the world to face the (sometimes) harsh realities of crowd-sourced approval.

We have learned a lot, play tested a lot, invested a lot, broken the game down and built it back up numerous time and (amazingly) disagreed on very little.

The real test is ahead of us, but however the cards fall on Kickstarter, The Brigade will remain one of my proudest creative achievements and most rewarding collaborations.

Thanks to my partner Alex, our artist “Nunoh”, Ivan and all the playtesters who bore with us as we chipped away, top down, to find the game within the theme.

Special shout out to the ultra supportive boardgame development groups on facebook. It is a joy to be a part of such a supportive, collaborative online community.